A few moments with Matt

If it’s Thursday, it’s time to spend s few moments with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Q: Are you expecting a low-scoring game against the 49ers after the way the two defenses played last week?

A:  “Well you never know. Sometimes I have heard that it’s going to be low-scoring game. It was supposed to be a low-scoring game when we went into Baltimore a couple of years ago and it was forty- something to forty-something (44-41 in overtime). You never know. I think defensively that’s one of the things that they do well. They keep people out of the end zone, they keep stuff in front of them and they make plays when they’re there to be made. You never know. I think you just never know what a game is going to be like. You have an idea, but I don’t really care either. If we win 3-0 that would be fine with me.” Read more »

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