Cruise with the Seahawks: Day 4

Day 4

Today we arrived in sunny Puerto Vallarta. On the event list – ATVs! At first glance, our rental seemed a bit beat up, but speed is the only thing that really matters, and that they had! There were nine total in our group. Unfortunately, for one guest, a machine broke down, so we had a few minutes to catch our breath while we waited for the mechanic to arrive and fix her up.. and we were back at it again. We were able to go full throttle and do some serious four-wheeling in the sand. It was super fun and we had a blast – however, we were also exposed to the extreme poverty in Mexico. Our players told me afterwards, that they were sincerely humbled by what they saw. That with even so little, people actually seemed quite happy, waving and smiling at us as we passed by. It definitely made us all really appreciate what we have.

Tomorrow we will continue our stay in Puerto Vallarta and we have decided to take a beach day and just check out the sites! Until tomorrow!

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Cruise with the Seahawks: Day 3

Day 3

Today is our second full day at sea, and it is so nice to have some warm weather. We had our chalk talk with the players and they shared some insight on a few of their favorite plays from the 2011 season, in addition to completing their first year in the NFL. John Moffitt touched on how speed and agility of an NFL defensive linemen is far superior to college, and how having the proper technique was the most important lesson he learned in his first year.

Richard Sherman shared his thoughts on the power of film study; learning the tendencies of the opposing offensive is key. In addition, having unwavering confidence has been one of the keys to his success in his first season as a pro. He has great respect for, and gave much credit to his defensive coaches at Stanford for helping him develop the proper skills to be successful in the NFL, and of course to his current Seahawks coaches for teaching him how to take these skills to the next level. As a defensive back you must not be afraid to take some risks. If you have done your film study, and all your homework, when you see a familiar formation based on down and distance, then you have to believe in your preparation and pull the trigger when the moment arises. You can’t play the position of defensive back passively!!!! No pun intended.

Tomorrow we will be in Puerto Vallarta and will be taking an ATV adventure. It should be fun!!!!

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Cruise with the Seahawks: Day 2

Day 2

PACIFIC OCEAN – Today is our first of two days at sea.  We had our Welcome Party/Meet & Greet with the players and all the fans – this is an opportunity for the fans to get to know the players off the field!  Richard Sherman and John Moffitt shared some personal history, where they grew up, their families, friends, and even some of the struggles and challenges they overcame to get to the National Football League.

John shared stories about his childhood in Boston, how he began playing football, his time at the University of Wisconsin, and most importantly, how he met his best friend and guest on the cruise, Mark Shorey.

Richard Sherman shared about his upbringing in the Watts area of Los Angeles, with his brother and guest on the cruise, Branton Sherman.  He talked about what drove him to excel academically and ultimately got him a scholarship to play football for Stanford University, and what drives him today to play the way he does.

Their stories were funny and heartwarming, as they opened themselves up to our fans.  This has always been a great session for folks to really connect with the guys they cheer for each, and every Sunday. Both of our players are young,  engaging, personable, and very focused to be the best.  We are so fortunate to have them on this cruise and as members of our Seahawks family.

Until tomorrow!

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