Miami Dolphins & Minnesota Vikings release new uniforms ahead of 2013 NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins

The Seahawks released their new-look Nike uniforms last year. The Jacksonville Jaguars released theirs earlier this week. Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings followed suit with some jersey alterations of their own.

Adrian PetersonBoth new looks stay true to tradition, and if you’re a casual fan of other teams around the League it’s hard to notice the subtle differences at first.

The Dolphins’ jersey unveiling came at Sun Life Stadium prior to the team’s draft party. According to Nike, the Dolphins’ look “stays true to its roots, while harnessing the city’s modern cutting-edge characteristics.”

The Vikings’ release came at their draft party as well. The look is described by Nike as “a modern representation of Nordic culture combined with the Vikings’ long-standing football tradition.”

You can check out hundreds of more photos of the Vikings’ fresh garb here, and catch a glimpse of the Dolphins’ updated look here.

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Jacksonville Jaguars unleash new-look Nike uniforms

Jaguars Jersey

The Jacksonville Jaguars rolled out their new-look Nike uniforms today, joining the Seahawks as the second NFL team to give their jerseys a total makeover since Nike took over the license from Reebok prior to the 2012 season.Justin Blackmon

At first glance, there are several similarities between the Jaguars and Seahawks uniforms, as both stray from the League’s traditional look and move toward more modern, aggressive colors, numbering and logo identity, offering a new representation of the club to their respective fanbases. And like the Seahawks with their College Navy, Wolf Grey and white uniforms, the Jaguars’ fresh garb comes in three distinct colorways – black, white and teal.

“It is truly the embodiment of a Jaguar coming out of the shadows on the hunt,” a Nike spokesperson said at the team’s uniform unveiling today at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

For a complete look at the Jaguars’ new digs, head on over to

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