Sims to Largent?

Steve Largent caught 100 touchdown passes during his Hall of Fame career with the Seahawks. Only one, however, came from a non-quarterback.

It happened on Oct. 2, 1977, against the Denver Broncos at the Kingdome. It was a 43-yarder from … rookie running back David Sims.

“I was a quarterback in high school,” Sims said this week. “But Steve made the play, because I led him a little more than I should. But he went down and got it.

“If I’d had receivers like that in high school I would have been All-World.”

Sims’ passer rating in that game was, as it turns out, All-World – a perfect 158.3.

Largent’s other TD catches came from Dave Krieg (46), Jim Zorn (43), Jeff Kemp (3), Steve Myer (3), Gale Gilbert (2), Sam Adkins (1) and Bill Munson (1).

From the obvious (Krieg and Zorn); to the obscure (Munson); to the oh-my-gosh (Kemp). The trio of TD catches from Kemp came against the Detroit Lions in the final replacement game in 1987 – after Largent and Kemp had crossed the picket line to rejoin the team. Largent caught 15 passes for 261 yards, before Chuck Knox finally relented and took Largent out of the game in the second half.

Asked after the game why he had declined to afford Largent double coverage, then-Lions coach Darryl Rogers came up with one memorable line: “Why embarrass two guys when you can just embarrass one?”

While Largent’s club-record numbers in that game might be asterisk worthy, Sims takes pride in his one-of-a-kind accomplishment.

“I take claim to that, and any time I see Steve I remind him of that,” Sims said. “I never thought about bragging on that, but now I always tell my kids about it.”

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