Cyber surfing: Wednesday

Posted by Clare Farnsworth on October 19, 2011 – 9:54 am

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, Oct. 19:

Eric Williams at the News Tribune looks at Walter Thurmond, whose time has come as the second-year cornerback takes over for Marcus Trufant. Says coach Pete Carroll: “Walter will jump in right now and assume that starting role and we’ll expect him to play right through and live up to it. And Walter expects nothing less than that.”

Mike Sando at offers his thoughts on why the Seahawks should not have gotten involved in the trade discussions for Carson Palmer, who the Bengals was sent to the Raiders on Tuesday. Says Sando: “The Seahawks have put together one of the youngest rosters in the league. They have bucked conventional wisdom by drafting no quarterbacks since Pete Carroll took over the team in early 2010. Clearly, the Seahawks need to draft a bright quarterback prospect at some point, the sooner the better.”

Danny O’Neil at the Seattle Times examines the same situation, offering: “If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole franchise to commit to a quarterback, and it appears that’s going to be the last piece Seattle cements in place on its offense. That player won’t be Palmer as the Raiders were the ones who put together “The Godfather” offer, the one the Bengals couldn’t refuse.”

John Boyle at the Everett Herald also says the Seahawks were wise to pass on Palmer. Says Boyle: “This is a team still building, and though improved, it’s roster still has holes. Giving up two firsts, or even a first and a second, for Palmer would not have been the smart move for the Seahawks. Neither was spending big money on a quarterback who won’t be the answer in the long term.”

Here at, we also take a look at the special relationship between Thurmond, Trufant and defensive backs coach Kris Richard. Richard on Trufant’s efforts to help prepare Thurmond to step in: “When you can no longer play, or you’re out, wouldn’t you want the next man behind you to come right on in and not miss a beat? Again, that’s a testament to Marcus’ character, and Walter’s.”

We’ve also got a look at the progress being made by QB Tarvaris Jackson, as well as a look at the Seahawks’ upcoming opponent. Tony Ventrella also has a video feature on linebackers coach Ken Norton and three of his players visiting a local boxing club.

Former Seahawks linebacker Dave Wyman, writing for 710 ESPN, offers his take on 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and the handshake that shook the NFL. Says Wyman: “Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Jim Harbaugh is one heck of a coach and the rest of the NFL should be more concerned about his coaching ability than his lack of social grace. Just as Harbaugh did at Stanford, he has his 49ers team playing and playing well.”

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Cyber surfing: Monday

Posted by Clare Farnsworth on October 17, 2011 – 8:39 am

Good morning. Here’s what was “out there” about the Seahawks during their long bye weekend and for today, Oct. 17:

Dave Boling at the New Tribune profiles Anthony Hargrove, who traveled a hard road to reach the NFL and now the Seahawks. Says defensive linemate Brandon Mebane: “I had seen his story, but then meeting him, I was like, ‘Whoa, is this that guy?’ You see that stuff and you make judgments. But who are we to judge? Then you get to know the man, and I’ll tell you this: I think he’s a world-class man to know.’ ”

Here at, Hargrove sits down with Tony Ventrella for his bye-week edition of “Seahawks Insider.” We also catch up with Edwin Bailey, the former Seahawks guard.

Dave Wyman, a former linebacker for the Seahawks and now radio analyst, shares his thoughts on the trade of Aaron Curry last week. Says Wyman: “There are three parts to a football play in my mind. First you need to get properly aligned, second you must fulfill your responsibilities within the scheme of the defense, and third you just go make a play. Number three is what defines you as a player and much of it cannot be coached. It’s pure instinct. It’s instantaneous, split-second reaction. By the end of the 2010 season, it was obvious to me that Curry lacked those instincts.”

For recaps of what happened in the league during Week 6, there’s Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” at, John Clayton’s “Last Call” at and Clark Judge’s “Judgements” at

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Tuesday in Hawkville

Posted by Clare Farnsworth on September 20, 2011 – 4:19 pm

A recap of the day’s activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center:


The defense. This has been the Seahawks’ best unit during the team’s 0-2 start, but then there’s not a lot of competition with the offense being shut out in six of the eight quarters they’ve played and the special teams allowing a 102-yard kickoff return and punts returns of 55, 41 and 31 yards in two games.

But the defense is allowing an average of 315 yards to rank 10th in the league, compared to 191.5 for the 32nd-ranked offense. The defense also has been on the field for roughly 70 of the 120 minutes in the first two games, including almost 40 in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers.

Asked if he was worried about the slow-starting offense taking a toll on the defense, coach Pete Carroll offered, “Yeah, attitude-wise they’ve got to hang.”

But he quickly added, “The defense has got their issues too, now. We got torn up pretty good on third downs last week. So they’ve got their areas that they’re working on. Expectations are very high for our performance over there.”

The Steelers converted eight of 15 third-down situations, and Ben Roethlisberger was 9 of 13 for 171 yards on the pivotal down.

The team needs better than that, especially with the offense experiencing growing pains.

“After a while, they don’t feel the hope that something good is going to happen, so we need a little spark,” Carroll said of the defense/offense dynamic. “We need to get moving. I’d love to see us really catch fire. I don’t think we’re very far from doing that. That’s right there for us, but we still need to go do that.”

The next chance comes in Sunday’s home opener against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field.


Guard Brent Osborne was re-signed to the practice squad today. Wide receiver Owen Spencer was released to clear a spot on the eight-man squad.

Osborne was part of the rookie free agent class that was signed on July 26, but then released. He was signed to the practice squad on Sept. 4, but released on Sept. 13.


It doesn’t just seem like Larry Fitzgerald has caught more passes against the Seahawks than any other team in the league, the Cardinals’ Pro Bowl wide receiver has – 88, in fact, for 1,158 yards and nine touchdowns. It helps, of course, that Fitzgerald has played against the Seahawks twice a season since entering the league in 2004.

Here’s a closer look at how he has done it:

Year      No.   Yards   TD

2010       3        30        0

2010       7        91        0

2009     13      100        1

2009       7         73       1

2008     10      151        0

2008       5      130        2

2007       7        87        0

2007       6        79        1

2006       4        52         0

2006      7       79        1

2005      3       41        0

2005       8    102        0

2004       4      73        1

2004       4      70        2


The players return from their “off” day on Wednesday to begin preparing for the Cardinals. They also return to a regular schedule after going earlier last week to get acclimated to playing a game with a 10 a.m. PDT kickoff in Pittsburgh. This week, the practices are at 1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday and 11:30 on Friday.


“Jeff Foxworthy might put it this way: If you saw both Seahawks games this year and blame Tarvaris Jackson for the 0-2 start, you might be an amateur. If you read (the) statistics of Jackson’s first two games and think he should be replaced with backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, you might be an amateur.” – former Seahawks linebacker Dave Wyman, writing on the blog at 710 ESPN

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