Cruise with the Seahawks – Day 4

On Wednesday we arrived at our first port of call, Juneau.  The weather was beautiful and temps in the upper 60’s!

Coach Cable decided he wanted to do some fishin’, so he went on the Fly Fishing Adventure Excursion.  He reported a great time after his 5 ½ hour excursion.  There was no road access to get to the fishing location, so he got to take a float plane which he described like being on a rollercoaster, going up and down and side-to-side.

The fish species they went after were cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden and various other species of salmon.  They caught a 5-7 pound salmon and a trout (they catch and release).  Tom said it was a wonderful experience and he would recommend this excursion to anyone that loves fishing.

I told Will about the great time I had in Mexico when I went zip lining so he, his wife and his twin 15 year old boys decided to do the Rain Forest Canopy and Zip line Expedition in Juneau.  They had to cross the channel in a high speed water craft and once across, they boarded a 4×4 All Terrain vehicle to take a ride up a densely forested hillside that took them to their first zip line tree platform.  They went on 10 zip lines and 2 aerial suspension bridges during this expedition.  I think that very first one is the hardest but as expected, his boys had no problem at all.  Will said that while he was crossing the suspension bridges, the guides were rocking the bridge from side to side… jokers! At the end of the zip lines, the very last thing they did  was repel out of the trees. They don’t show you how to do that until you get to the last tree…nice surprise!!  Needless to say they had quite the adventure.

Overall it was a great day at our first port.  Our next port is Sitka.  So until my next blog….

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Cruise with the Seahawks – Day 3

Today we cruised to beautiful Glacier Bay, where the ice is blue.  If you haven’t had the chance to see it, it is one of those majestic and awe inspiring sights in the world!

Today we have our Chalk Talk with our Seahawks Hosts, in which they get to share some valuable insight on the inner workings of an NFL Football team.  Tom Cable, our new offensive line coach, is super fired up about getting started and working with our offensive line.  He is focused on putting together an effective running game and indicated that the Seahawks will use a combination of zone blocking, gap blocking and man blocking.  He showed the fans using different diagrams the difference between all three blocking schemes, which was pretty cool.  He also talked about involving tight ends more in different ways and pointed out that our wide receivers WILL be good blockers… or they won’t be Seahawks for very long!  Coach Cable is ready to roll!

Coach Brian Schneider talked about his Special Teams crew and how he prepares for each opponent. He commented on film and the amount of study that the coaches put in… which would astound you.  So many hours watching film and devising schemes… it is mind boggling.  He talked about Leon Washington and his unique ability to return kicks and how he sets himself up under the football when he is preparing to catch… it is pretty special.  He also diagramed different return and blocking schemes and how timing on the returns has to be just perfect.  Brian is so enthusiastic about what he does and the fans got a real treat with his insight!

VP of Football Operations Will Lewis discussed the intricate planning involved in the Draft process and choosing players that are right for our team.  The Seahawks divide the United States into six regions and assign a scout to each region.  It is the scout’s responsibility to identify all of the colleges in his region and know about every, single football player at each and every school! Just think about all of the big and small colleges in the East coast and how many have football teams…whew!   The information Will shared was really great and this is really only top line.  I haven’t even mentioned what goes on with all of the pro scouts and how they keep track of each professional player on each team… lets just say they have their work cut out for them! And we have some of the best in the biz back at home at VMAC.

Not many people get this type of insider information and in such detail.  One of the many perks about this fantastic cruise!

Next stop is Juneau tomorrow, and our coaches have some excursions planned that I will be telling you more about.  So until next time…

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Cruise with the Seahawks – Day 1

Today we began our 6th Annual Cruise with the Seahawks aboard the Holland America ms Oosterdam, heading towards Alaska!

It is a beautiful sunny day in Seattle with the temperature around 72 degrees.  Our celebrity guests on the cruise with me are Seahawks assistant head coach and offensive line coach Tom Cable, special teams coach Brian Schneider and VP of Football Operations and Seahawks Alumnus, Will Lewis, along with 60 of the Seahawks’ finest fans. We conducted our ceremonial 12th MAN flag raising off the bow of the ship just before we set sail, with our ship’s captain Arjen Van Der Loo hoisting the flag into the sky!

We are really looking forward to having a great time this week.  So be sure to stay tuned for updated on some of the exciting events we have planned for the week.

So until next time…

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