Greatest uniform in NFL history?

Seahawks Uniforms


“It’s the Super Bowl for pro football get-ups.”

Those are the words from personality Dave Dameshek, who for the purposes of this exercise dubs himself, “The Uniform Moderator.”

Dameshek has unveiled.. Err, excuse me. The Uniform Moderator has unveiled a bracket to let football fans determine the greatest uniform in NFL history. The bracket pits current uniforms against each other on one side and select throwback uniforms against each other on the other. The Uniform Moderator has doled out seeds (No.1 – No. 16) for each club’s uniforms and placed them in a four-region bracket reminiscent of NCAA’s March Madness tournament – NFC teams against NFC teams and AFC teams against AFC teams until final round of four jerseys, where the two conferences will finally meet.

The Seahawks’ current uni’s earned a No. 6 seed and are up against the current digs of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 11 seed) in the bracket’s first round, while Seattle’s 1976-79 throwback uni’s earned a No. 10 seed and find themselves the underdog against the throwback get-up of the 1941-48 Chicago Bears.

Voting for the first round runs through Friday, July 5 at 2 p.m. PT. As of this writing, the Seahawks’ 2013 digs had a sizable advantage over the Buccaneers, but the throwback jerseys could use your help against the Bears, so why not log on and cast a vote for both.


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