Seahawks to give fans a different kind of voice

Fan Advisory Council

The Seahawks have asked a lot of their fans over the franchise’s first 37 seasons, and it usually had to do with being very, very loud on game days. Now, they’re offering a lot to 12 fans.

Club president Peter McLoughlin has announced the formation of a “President’s Fan Advisory Council,” and the group of season-ticket holders will assist team executives in the evaluation and enhancement of the overall fan experience.

As McLoughlin put it in announcing the plan, “The Fan Advisory Council will play an important role in our efforts to maintain and enhance the Seahawks fan experience. We will hold quarterly meetings to discuss and focus on a variety of fan related issues including: in-stadium fan experience, game preparation and in-stadium technology.”

Applications for the two-year term on the council are due by July 12, and season ticket holders can apply here.

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