Ryan and Janna Willmaser join in Seahawks matrimony

Ryan and Janna Willmaser

Ryan and Janna Willmaser pose for photos after their wedding ceremony (Photos by JaneG. Photography)

Ryan and Janna (pronounced Yanna) Willmaser didn’t initially intend to have a Seahawks-themed wedding, but several of their photos from that day could fool you into thinking that was the case.

“Janna liked a nice spring green and black for the wedding colors, so when we were out shopping for the guys shirts, naturally the lime green kept pulling me in,” said Ryan. “I guess the human mind gravitates toward what it thinks about most.”Ryan and Janna Willmaser

For Ryan, high up on that list of what he thinks about most is the Seahawks. He’s been a season-ticket holder since 2005 and is a member of the “12th Army” – a close-knit collective of Seahawks tailgaters whose gameday gas-guzzler we told you all about last season.

“It is more of an obsession and way of life for me,” said Ryan. “But when it comes to support, she gives me 100 percent. Janna is on her third year as a season-ticket holder and is fully invested – heart and soul.”

The Willmaser’s, who have been together now for four-and-a-half years, held their wedding last weekend at Wine & Roses Country Estate in Auburn, Wash. It was a traditional style ceremony held inside an old country barn, with family and friends lining the aisle and several attendees overlooking the ceremony from the balcony above. The pair even mentioned their love for the Hawks when taking their wedding vows.

“I asked her if she would vow to always love the Seahawks and she replied with the promise to always root for the Hawks,” said Ryan. “We got a good laugh out of everyone in attendance.”

Outside of the lime green shirts, Ryan said he wanted to outfit his groomsmen with something unique that would align with his and Janna’s Seahawks fanaticism. They wanted the gift to be something that they could use over and over again.Willmaser Wedding

“Our first thought was customized Seahawks jerseys,” Ryan said.

So Ryan and Janna did just that. Each of the groomsmen received a personalized Seahawks jersey freshly embroidered with their favorite number and last name or nick name.

“Since we had this unique gift we had to get pictures in them as well and it was only right to include the 12th Man flag, too,” Ryan said. “We have used that flag to take pictures all over the country in front of different monuments or simply fly from our hotel balcony in different cities.”

What’s next for this happy couple? Well, they’ve decided not to take an immediate honeymoon. Instead, they’ll delay that expedition until February 2014, as the two plan a trip to New York City.

“We heard that there is a big football game being played there around that time,” Ryan said.” And we fully expect the boys in blue to be representing the NFC.”

Ryan and Janna Willmaser


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