Touching each of the bases in the NFC West

Kam Chancellor

The NFL Draft is over, and so are the rookie minicamps that followed. It’s a good time to touch base with each of the four teams in the NFC West, which division blogger Mike Sando has done.

Here’s his bottom-line take on the Seahawks, as well as their NFC West rivals, and a link to his more in-depth analysis:

Seattle  – “The Seahawks appear better on paper for the moves they made this offseason, and they were already pretty good.”

San Francisco  – “The 49ers are still the team to beat the NFC West. They are still good enough to win the division and compete for the Super Bowl. It’s just that the road out of the division is more treacherous these days.”

St. Louis – “What went right outweighs what went wrong. I was reaching to find items in the latter category and resisted adding a note about the team being unable to keep (Steven) Jackson at a reduced salary. My feeling was that the Rams valued Jackson, but they were also ready to move forward with younger players. The Rams have made the NFL’s youngest roster even younger, so there are some short-term uncertainties surrounding this team. However, the longer-range plan is proceeding on schedule.”

Arizona – “The Cardinals are better at quarterback. They are younger throughout their roster. They are in position to improve.”

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