Al Harris retires as a Packer, nine years too late for Seahawks

Al Harris

Al Harris has decided to retire as a member of the Packers, according to this report on the team website.

That’s about nine years too late for Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks. Harris, you surely remember, is the Pro Bowl cornerback who was involved in one of the most infamous plays in Seahawks history.

It came on the sixth snap of the Seahawks’ second overtime possession in a wild-card playoff game at Lambeau Field on Jan. 4, 2004. The temperature was 20 degrees, with a wind-chill of 7, and it was Harris who iced the Packers’ 33-27 victory.

On a third-and-11 play, Hasselbeck went to wide receiver Alex Bannister along the left sideline, but instead found Harris, who returned the interception 52 yards for a touchdown.

Harris’ pick-six followed Hasselbeck’s even-more infamous line after winning the coin-toss to open the overtime period: “We want the ball and we’re going to score.”

Hasselbeck intended the line to be heard only by Packers kicker Ryan Longwell, who he had become friends with while playing in Green Bay. But the official’s microphone was on, so the whole world heard what he had to say.

And yes, the announcement on the Packers’ website regarding Harris’ retirement includes a picture of him making his memorable play.

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