A happy Beast Mode birthday

Marshawn Lynch

What do you get a running back who seemingly already has everything for his birthday?

We ask, because today is Marshawn Lynch’s 27th birthday. And of all the impressive numbers the Seahawks’ Beast Mode back has put up in two-plus seasons with the team that just might be hardest to fathom: Lynch is only 27.

He’s been in the league for six seasons – the first three-plus with the Bills, the last two-plus with the Seahawks, who acquired him in a 2010 trade. Lynch has run for 2,794 yards and 23 touchdowns and had 16 100-yard games the past two seasons. And he’s only 27.

But we digress. Back to an appropriate gift for a player who does so much, so well.

Skittles? Too easy, and at this point almost a cliché. A lucrative contract? He’s already got one. A trip to the Pro Bowl? Been there, done that – three times. An All-Pro berth? Too late, he got that last season.

Leave it to Michael Robinson, Lynch’s lead-blocking fullback, to come up with just the right, well, if not gift, incentive for the driven and hard-driving Lynch.

In his latest “Real Rob Report,” Robinson explains to second-year back Robert Turbin that the offense’s goal this season is to get Lynch to 2,000 yards.

Now that’s a “gift” that would keep on giving, and could be shared by all of us.

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