Pete Carroll’s latest #AskCoach Q&A

Bubble Yum.

That’s the answer to the burning, age-old question, “What kind of gum is Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll constantly chewing on the sideline?”

But why does he chew so much gum in practices and games during the season? For that out-of-the-ordinary response, you’ll have to check out Carroll’s latest #AskCoach video above.

It’s Carroll’s third #AskCoach installment and he throws a bit of a change-up this time around, answering some of the more popular questions his followers have submitted to him on Twitter with one video, as opposed to producing a video response for each question, like he did in #AskCoach segments one and two.

Beyond the hot topic inquiry on Carroll’s gum-gnawing habits, the questions Carroll tackles include:

  • “What do you look for when selecting and hiring assistants?”
  • “What was going through your head during the Hail Mary against the Packers?”
  • “What are your expectations for the Seahawks this year?”

Carroll’s answer to that last question provides some insight as to how he and the team will embrace the heightened expectations that come with the 2013 season. Yesterday’s schedule release marked four games in primetime for the Seahawks, three of which come against NFC West opponents (Week 2 vs San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football, Week 7 at Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, and Week 8 at St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football). Carroll pointed to a philosophy of maximizing every day and banking on club continuity with the goal of owning the division, which would ultimately lead to home games in the postseason.

“My expectations are no different than they always are,” Carroll said. “I want us to play as good as we could possibly play. That means that every single aspect of our program has got to be maximized – getting our kids ready, getting them schooled up, teaching them really well, preparing them physically so that they’re ready for the season. The teaching process that goes on now as the offseason has begun and all the way through OTAs and into camp – we just try to keep maximizing every day and just take it as far as we can.”

“We know we have a good club,” Carroll continued. “We know we have good continuity to bank on. We’ve got good leadership. We’ve got a lot of really cool things in order. Hopefully we’ll bond together like really terrific teams do when they have their big opportunities and they seize them, and we’ll take this as far as we can go. We’re always after that division. The division is really important to us to set up your opportunities and get those home games in the playoffs. We’re looking forward to it. There’s a lot of excitement around here and I’m part of it too.”

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