Another Pete Carroll video Q&A session

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll received such an impressive response to last week’s question and answer session with his followers on Twitter that the coach is back at it again this week, this time with a little more specific theme.

Carroll took timeout to answer 10 questions on his coaching and leadership philosophy as it applies not only to the NFL, but to all different levels of coaching and life.

Some of his answers provide good insight into the sustained success Carroll enjoyed as head coach at the University of Southern California from 2001-09, where he led the Trojans to a 83-19 record, and how he has translated that success to the NFL.

“The biggest word that comes to mind is humility,” Carroll said when asked by one of his Twitter followers what the biggest struggle is in keeping a team motivated after they have achieved success. “You have to maintain kind of a normalcy with that which goes along with success – all of the follow up and the expectations and people patting you on the back and telling you how great you are. You have to get to a point where you can deal with that as that being normal.”

Many would call the Seahawks’ 2012 season a success – winning seven of their final eight regular season games under the leadership of a rookie quarterback to finish with a record of 11-5, posting the third most wins in franchise history while going undefeated at home and coming within 25 seconds of advancing to the NFC Championship game. And this offseason, the Seahawks have received plenty of pats on the back for their work in free agency, trades, and the team even topped’s pre-draft power rankings.

The key for the club heading into 2013, as Carroll notes, will be how they handle the attention that has come as a result of last season’s success.

“As you grow with your success it has to become where you can talk about it, you can deal with it, and you can remain humble as you accept the attention that comes with success in a manner that allows you to still perform normally,” Carroll said. “Our language has to be consistent, our approach has to be consistent. We can’t let wins change the way we are. We can’t let championships change the way we are. We just grow and accept the fact that this is coming our way.

“It’s a good challenge, but it’s really cool.”

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