NFL will add cameras to home team locker rooms in 2013

In a continuing effort to ensure the in-stadium NFL experience is as engaging as possible for fans who attend games, news out of the 2013 IMG World Congress of Sports says the NFL will require the installation of cameras in home team locker rooms for the 2013 season. The home team will have the option of using that video feed on the stadium’s video boards and team applications.

Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Daily has the story, where NFL Executive Vice President Eric Grubman says the rule was passed by the NFL’s competition committee.

“The content will be available only in stadium, and the content will be available only of the home team,” Grubman said. “You can show it or not show it.”

Grubman also said the NFL will mandate replays to be shown in-stadium of all important plays – not just calls that favor the home team, so that fans in attendance have the same access to replays as those watching on TV.

“Now it doesn’t matter if you want your technician to favor the home team,” Grubman said in regards to in-stadium replays. “You’re not going to have a choice. Why? Just listen to the fans.”

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