Russell and Anna Wilson aren’t afraid to excel

Anna Wilson, Russell Wilson

(Quarterback Russell Wilson with his sister Anna. Photo courtesy the Wilson family, via

Russell Wilson might be playing favorites when he says his 15-year-old basketball-playing sister, Anna, is more driven than any athlete he has ever seen. But then again, after one look at Anna’s story and her ever-growing list of NCAA offers, he might not be.

Just a freshman in high school, Anna has already received offers to play hoops for Maryland, Wisconsin, Virginia, Marquette and Wake Forest – with Maryland’s offer coming when Anna was in 8th grade.

“It’s one of those things where you’re around someone you know is going to be special,” Russell said in an interview to Jake Thomases, writing for “I truly believe that she will be an All-American point guard at some big university and go on to be a Candace Parker — a superstar-type basketball player.”

A star point guard on the varsity squad at Richmond, Virginia’s Collegiate High School – where Russell starred in football and baseball – Anna says she models her game after NBA point guard Steve Nash, and like her brother at quarterback, embraces the leadership aspect of the position.

“I’m very visual. I watch a lot of film by myself. I get CDs and I’ll watch the game. I love watching film.”

Sounds like Russell, right? Wrong. Those are Anna’s words.

It’s apparent the siblings’ work ethic and desire to be great has rubbed off on one another. So too has the inspiration from their father Harrison Wilson III, who challenged Anna to one-on-one competitions on the neighborhood hoop from the time she was five years old, and who later coached her at the YMCA level. Harrison died in 2010 of complications from diabetes, but the Wilsons have taken his message and run with it – Russell to the NFL, and Anna on her way to a promising hoops career.

“It’s like my dad always told me: Don’t be afraid to excel,” Russell said. “And she’s not at all. She’s reaching for the stars, and she’ll touch them and keep going.”

You can check out Anna’s full story from here.

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