Chris Maragos has run-in with 12/12/12 baby

Chris Maragos

Seahawks safety Chris Maragos and Seahawks fan Jaxson Ray Selle (born 12/12/12)

If you’re an avid follower of our Instagram or Twitter accounts, some of you may remember a photo we posted back on “12 Day” (December 12, 2012), or 12/12/12, of Jaxson Ray Selle, who was born to Seahawks fans Jon Selle and Jennifer Hill of Centralia, Wash. on that significant day for the 12th Man.

This past weekend, Seahawks safety Chris Maragos had a brief run in with that fortuitous family of Seahawks faithful while speaking to the families of Son League – a basketball league for middle school and high school aged children of Chehalis, Wash. and it’s surrounding communities.

Maragos relayed his life story, explaining the hurdles he had to overcome in middle school and high school in order to make it to college, play college football, and ultimately, play in the NFL.

“When you’re in this position you want to be able to give back to kids that want to be able to learn and possibly be in this position one day,” Maragos said after a Monday morning workout at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. “I just talked about the ups and downs of the NFL and all of the great things that come along with it, too. I’m just trying to put them on the best foot possible.”

And although Jaxson may be a little too young to retain Maragos’ message, it certainly resonated with his parents Jon and Jennifer, and their daughter Kammi, who was also in attendance.

“He was a great speaker and I truly believe that the kids took something out of that building after listening to him speak,” Jon and Jennifer wrote in an e-mail to “It was a pretty cool experience. He was a class act.”

The 12th Man

Jaxson Ray Selle born 12/12/12 to Jon Selle & Jennifer Hill in Centrailia, WA. #12day

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