Percy Harvin gives Seahawks three reasons to rejoice

Count Bucky Brooks among those who like the Seahawks acquiring Percy Harvin. Twice. No, three times.

Brooks is a former NFL receiver who also worked as a scout with the Seahawks. In his current role as an analyst for, Brooks has weighed in on the trade – heavily – with the Vikings last week that brought Harvin’s multiple and diverse talents to Seattle.

Brooks looks at – in words and video – just what Harvin brings as:

A slot receiver: “Harvin’s explosiveness and effectiveness as a slot receiver certainly will make the passing game even more difficult to defend.”

A runner in the zone-read package: “The Seahawks will also take advantage of Harvin’s versatility as a running back to enhance their exotic running game. … He can also motion into the backfield and serve as the pitch back on some of the read-option concepts from one-back or two-back formations. This will create confusion in the minds of defenders and keep defensive coordinators up at night trying to anticipate the myriad gadget plays (offensive coordinator Darrell) Bevell can use on a weekly basis.”

A kickoff returner: “The Seahawks’ kicking unit excels at knocking cover guys out of their respective lanes, which makes an explosive returner like Harvin a threat to score whenever he touches the ball in the open field. The kicking game plays a big role in determining the outcomes of NFL games down the stretch; acquiring a younger, more explosive return man could pay dividends in the Seahawks’ quest for a title in 2013.”

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