Cliff Avril can’t wait to play at CenturyLink Field

Posted by Clare Farnsworth on March 14, 2013 – 4:48 pm

Cliff Avril had officially been a member of the Seahawks for only a few hours, but he already had a message for the 12th Man: Bring it.

As a defensive end, Avril is well aware of the impact home-field noise crowd can have on the opposing offense. As a member of the Lions, he played in Seattle in 2009. So he knows just how 12sdiscombobulating the din generated by the 12th Man can be.

“The crowd noise is insane here,” Avril said today after signing his contract with the Seahawks. “So as a defensive player, let alone a D-lineman, that’s what you want. You want that crowd noise. You want the O-linemen not to be able to hear the snap count so you can get that jump on them.

“So that’s definitely huge for a defensive lineman, a pass-rusher. So that played a big part in why I chose here as well.”

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