‘SportsNation’ chat with Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

Fullback Michael Robinson took a break from his scheduled programming visits at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn. to sit down for a fan chat with ESPN’s Sportsnation. If you missed it, we’ve highlighted a few excerpts below and you can view the chat log in its entirety here.

Blake (Phoenix, AZ ): How do you think Russell Wilson will approach next season. And I’m a huge fan of the RealRobReport my brotha

Robinson: I talk to him all of the time. I think he’ll be the same Russell. He’ll prepare the same. He’s on a quest for greatness, which is good. It’s good he’s on our team. He’s on a quest for greatness and he’s looking just to get better every day. We expect that.

CD (Virginia): Mike, my favorite PSU QB of all time. Can you share some of the things you learned from Joe-Pa that have helped you the most?

Robinson: Taking care of the little things and the big things take care of themselves. One other thing I learned was that there are issues in life, things in life that are bigger than football. Football can not be your life, there has to be more substance to you. Learning that from Joe has helped me develop a career outside of football.

Chirs (DC): What made you decide to do a web show instead of a radio or TV show?

Robinson: Web show is free, that’s first and foremost. I didn’t have a studio that I couldn’t set up for radio. I think video would keep going. Actually going to TV, you have to have somebody pick you up. I tried to pitch the idea to some people and I wasn’t able to have the creative control that I have now. I’m able to choose the content that I put out. The Real Rob Report is not about controversy, it’s about what the players want to put out. We ask the guests what they want to talk about, because we’re about the players.

Jeff (Miami): How long does it take for you to put together one episode?

Robinson: Usually it takes me about two days to turn it around.

P.J. (Norman, Oklahoma): Hey Michael…Do you think that the diminished role and sometimes absence of a fullback in the college game has not only made the ground game suffer collegiately, but also at the professional level?

Robinson: I think some, a little bit. I don’t think the fullback position is necessarily going away, it’s just evolving. It’s going through an transition period, similar to what OLBs did in the 80s, like TEs are now. You have your traditional FBs. Guys like myself and guys like Delanie Walker, who is more like a TE, we can be used out of the backfield as well as catching balls. But we can also run the ball. That’s the role now, being more versatile.

Kyle (Denver): Is it easier to get guys to come on your show, because you’re a player just like them?

Robinson: Yes, it is easier. And they know that I’m not in it to look for a negative story. The Real Rob Report is a show that the players can get their stories out, their news out. It’s a vehicle for players to talk about certain issues.

Alex (Pittsburgh, PA): Hey Mike, big fan of yours back from the Penn State days. How do you feel about QBs like yourself that get converted to other positions? Do you still feel like you could play QB if the situation arose?

Robinson: Of course! That’s never going to go anywhere. It’s like riding a bike. It depends on what you want. If you’re like Tim Tebow or Troy Smith and QB is what I have to play, then follow your heart. You have to go through practice. I wanted to be an NFL player, not an NFL QB. You have to be a football player first. The more I could do, the more value I could add to a team. I was very lucky that SF stuck with me while I was trying to figure out what position I could play.

JohnnieV (Las Vegas): What athlete was your favorite to interview?

Robinson: Oooh….I would have to say Richard Sherman. Very candid. Honest. He doesn’t hold his tongue for anybody.

Jordan (Oakland, CA): How is it working with Beastmode at his annual Family First Football Camp?

Robinson: Oh man, it’s great. I love Oakland. I’m from Richmond, but I love Oakland. That football camp, I’m a lifer. I’ll go as long as he has that camp going. Great kids. Great competition. Great coaches around. They’re really concerned about what’s best for these kids.

Robinson: Thanks for the support. Keep watching the Real Rob Report, a show by athletes for the fans. Go Seeeeeeeaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaawks!

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