Welcome to the Revis Grill

John IdzikINDIANAPOLIS – Every NFL fan is well aware of Revis Island. Thursday, John Idzik got a taste of the Revis Grill.

Idzik, the Seahawks’ vice president of football operations the past six years, is now general manager of the Jets. His second interview in that capacity since being hired last month turned into near interrogation about the future of Darrelle Revis, the Jets’ on-the-mend Pro Bowl cornerback.

Idzik’s podium stint at Lucas Oil Stadium was one of the most highly attended interview sessions of the day, when two dozen coaches and GMs as well as more than 50 draft-eligible players visited the media center. And most of the questions were about Revis.

“Darrelle Revis is obviously a great football player,” Idzik said. “He’s a great New York Jet. He’s tremendous asset to our football team and our organization. With respect to clarity, I don’t know that anything has really changed. Because we’ve always wanted Darrelle as part of our team and that has not changed.”

Next question? It was about Revis. As was the next. And the next. And the next. And so on and so on.

Idzik, however, was able to slip in a message he learned the past three seasons while working with coach Pete Carroll in Seattle.

“We’re going to have a general mantra with the New York Jets, and it’s going to be competition through and through,” he said. “We want to improve competition at every single position.”

Idzik did come armed with his sense of humor. As he stepped to the podium, he offered, “Good afternoon, I’m John Idzik of the New York Jets.”

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