Seahawks sprinkled among his Schein-ing moments

Russell Wilson

In the wake of Super Bowl XLVII, Adam Schein at has come up with his 47 moments and memories that defined the 2012 NFL season.

And the Seahawks are well represented in his Schein-ing achievements.

At No. 7 is Russell Wilson capping his impressive rookie season by leading the Seahawks to a 24-14 victory over the Redskins in their wild-card playoff matchup, after spotting the Redskins and Robert Griffin III a 14-0 lead.

There’s also at No. 10, the Seahawks’ Week 3 victory over the Packers on Monday night at CenturyLink Field.

At No. 34 and No. 35 is the 49ers’ win over the Patriots in Week 15, which calls the “best game of the year”; and was followed a week later by the Seahawks’ 42-13 romp over the 49ers on Sunday night, which he tabs the “most impressive win” of the season.

At No. 45 and No. 46 are the Seahawks’ victories over the Bears in Chicago and Patriots at CenturyLink Field. Of the overtime win – win-it-twice – game against the Bears, he writes, “Seahawks general manager John Schneider rightly told me it was the defining game of his team’s season, giving Seattle the confidence that it could beat a good opponent on the road.”

It’s nice to know that someone was not only watching, but paying attention to all that the Seahawks and Wilson were able to accomplish.

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