Pro Bowl rewind: Favorite memories

Marshawn Lynch

We haven’t exhausted the coverage from our trip to chronicle the Seahawks Six in the Pro Bowl just yet.

For one last farewell to Paradise and the Pro Bowl, we asked each player for his favorite memory from the week in Hawaii:

Quarterback Russell Wilson: “Just to be with these guys, the other Seahawks Pro Bowlers. And then just being around Drew Brees and Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, it’s really special. Especially this being my rookie year, it just means a lot. It’s just a joy to be here.”

Tackle Russell Okung: “The impact we were able to have on the game. Marshawn (Lynch) did a great job. Leon (Washington) had a great return. Max (Unger) pretty much played the whole game. Earl (Thomas) had his interception. And Russell Wilson really got off.”

Center Max Unger, who grew up on the Big Island: “I don’t know what to say. The whole thing was just really cool. Just being able to have the best football players in the world be in Hawaii and having the fans be able to come out and see these guys and kind of interact with them at the practices and finally at the game, it’s cool. It’s kind of trippy seeing everybody here in Oahu.”

Safety Earl Thomas: “Just sharing this experience with my family and my teammates. It’s something you’ll never forget. You’re playing with some future Hall of Famers out here and when you get out here and play with the best it brings the best out of you.”

Kick returner Leon Washington: “Just having fun and enjoying this moment with my family and teammates. It’s a blessing. I’m so fortunate.”

Running back Marshawn Lynch: “Not talking to the media. That’s pretty much it, just being able to be away from everything and having some time to kick back with family, just hang out and get to meet some of the guys.”

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