Guess who picked Pete Carroll as Coach of the Year?

Pete Carroll

Rolling Stone has been chronicling everything that’s trendy and topical in music, politics and pop cultural since 1967. But Matt Taibbi, who is considered one of the top political journalists of his generation, also is a fan of the NFL and has been offering his insights on the league this season.

In the most recent issue of the magazine, Taibbi hands out “my awards for a season of the ages,” as he put it. And his Coach of the Year is Pete Carroll. Cool? No, way cool. And because Carroll grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 60s, having Rolling Stone honor him probably is better than winning the Coach of the Year honor from the Associated Press.

Wrote Taibbi: “This award is probably going to Chuck Pagano or Bruce Arians, and kudos to both for the making-men-cry inspirational storyline that led the Colts to the playoffs. But Carroll made the balls-out call of the year, betting his entire career on a 5-foot-10 third-round rookie quarterback named Russell Wilson. Carroll even managed to make the Seahawks’ silly new line-green-streaked uniforms scary as his team stomped self-appointed tough guy Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers, 42-13, for one of the best wins of the year.”

Did we mention that Taibbi looks at the NFL the same way he does politics – with an edge?

His other award winners: Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin III, Rookie of the Year; Ray Rice’s “hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle” first down run on fourth-and-29, Play of the Year; the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, Player of the Year; and the Jets, Best Soap Opera.

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