Russell Wilson

Not for a touchdown, of course, but Russell Wilson sat down for an interview with Bob Costas as part of NBC’s coverage of tonight’s game against the 49ers at CenturyLink Field.

Here are some highlights from the interview with the Seahawks’ rookie quarterback:

On being a third-round pick and thinking he could be replaced: “I don’t ever think negative. I can’t. You have to think on the positive, you have to believe in yourself and what you do and just play the game. You have to go out there and trust your preparation, what you’ve learned and what you’ve done so far and the experience has really helped me a lot.”

On possibly being the “Rookie of the Year”: “Well who knows. All I’m trying to do is help our football team win. The goal is to obviously play a great game against the 49ers.”

On being a shorter quarterback and how much his lack of size has impacted his career: “I think it’s helped me. It’s motivated me. I believe that you have to just step up and change people’s minds. I want to change the game and that’s the way I look at it. There have been so many other great quarterbacks before me who have done such a great job. The Doug Flutie’s of the world and Fran Tarkenton’s, Steve Young’s a little bit taller but not by much. Drew Brees for example, guys like that I really look up to and have watched and studied and learned from. I think that’s really what helps me and motivates me for all the future generations to come.”

On looking for windows that may be different for taller quarterbacks: “My significant years of playing football in terms of college and high school, I’ve been my height my whole entire life so, being used to being this height it doesn’t change for me. I’m used to seeing through the lanes, I trust what I see; I know where the defense is going. Sometimes you have to play on your toes too, you have to stand tall in there and try to elevate yourself a little bit off the ground, but I have long arms and big hands and that’s what helps me.’

On why Seattle is so tough on road teams: “Well there’s no place like home. The fans are just so energetic, the energy that they bring to our football team, and just the atmosphere is unreal.”

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