Wilson: ‘I want to be great’

Russell Wilson

Steve Mariucci, the former coach of the 49ers and Lions, was in town on Wednesday to do an interview with Russell Wilson that aired this morning on the NFL Network’s pregame show.

Here’s part of what the Seahawks’ rookie QB had to say:

On if he is not considered for NFL Rookie of the Year, will it be disappointing:

“From my competitive side, definitely. I want to be great. I want to be one of the people a 100 years from now, everyone talks about. That is the way I treat every single day. Another thing that motivates me is everyone who said I was too short. It is not necessarily for me, it is for quarterbacks down the round who are 5-11. People have said ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’. It motivates me a little bit, not necessarily for me, but for the generations to come.”

On earning the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback job:

“In this league it is all about preparation. You have to prepare the right way, have a great attention to detail. The biggest thing was just getting here early in the morning, leaving late and just getting ready. I love football… I have all the self confidence in the world [and] I am a self- motivator.”

On if he feels he is competing against the five quarterbacks drafted ahead of him:

“When I have that opportunity to get out on the field, I think about that kind of stuff. When I get out to practice, I think about ‘how can I get that edge?’ I have a lot of respect of those guys – very talented players – but at the same time, I am trying to be the best one.”

On if his career should be connected to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III:

“I think so, I hope so. At the same time, I want to separate myself.”

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