Trick? Or treat?

Jared Allen

Jared Allen (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Jared Allen who showed up for work on Halloween didn’t look quite the same as the Jared Allen who will be wearing No. 69 and chasing quarterback Russell Wilson around CenturyLink Field on Sunday.

The Wednesday morning Jared Allen was in costume – not uniform – and, well, let Vikings coach Leslie Frazier explain.

“The guy who showed up today saying he was Jared Allen was somebody I’d never seen before,” Frazier said this morning during a conference-call interview.

What was Allen wearing? “It was some hippie outfit,” Frazier said. “He had blond hair and glasses. Just a wild outfit.”

An hour later, when Allen did his conference-call interview, he was “in Viking issue,” as he put it.

As for the costume, Allen said, “It was like modern-day-hipster, Emo, skinny-jeans guy.”

Skinny jeans on a 270-pounder? “Big people should not wear skinny jeans,” Allen said. “I guess Wranglers are a form of skinny jeans. But yet they’re U-shaped and not V-shaped. We’ve all seen the commercial.”

The pitchman in that TV commercial is former Vikings QB Brett Favre.

Allen stressed that he has matured over the years, but not to the point where he can’t have some fun on Halloween.

“You can’t overemphasize it, at the end of the day it’s still football,” he said. “The field hasn’t changed. You’re still playing a game, which we used to play for free as kids. So you’ve got to have fun. You can’t let it become a grueling, grinding thing to where you’re constantly coming to work and you’re dreading it. Otherwise, you’re going to get nothing accomplished.

“For me, I’m a just big kid at heart and I like to have fun in everything I do.”

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