Quarter notes: Third

In a nutshell: 49ers 10-6. After the Seahawks’ half-opening drive stalled at the 49ers’ 43 and they had to punt, the defense got “chucked” in a 10-play, 86-yard drive that ended with Alex Smith’s 12-yard TD pass to tight end Delanie Walker. “Chunked”? Smith to Frank Gore for 10 yards. Smith to Kendall Hunter for 11. Smith to Gore for 12. Gore for 11. Smith to Michael Crabtree for 10 on third-and-9. And the TD pass. The 49ers had seven first downs in the 10-play drive.

Player of the quarter: Smith. He was 5 of 5 for 58 yards on the TD drive that gave the 49ers the lead.

Play of the quarter: As the Seahawks tied to answer the 49ers’ TD, Russell Wilson’s second-down pass to Braylon Edwards was intercepted by Pro Bowl free safety Dashon Goldson at the 49ers’ 26-yard line.

Number of the quarter: 21. That’s Gore, and he Gore-d the Seahawks again eight touches for 49 yards in the quarter.

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