Fisher on Lynch: ‘He’s a complete back’

Jeff Fisher, the Rams’ first-year head coach, has a pretty good running back in Steven Jackson. But he also likes what he sees in Marshawn Lynch as the Rams are preparing to face the Seahawks on Sunday.

“One of the better running backs, if not one of the best running backs, in the National Football League,” is the way Fisher described Lynch this morning during a conference-call interview.

Fisher also called Jackson “an emotional runner.” So what about Lynch?

“Well I think he’s the same way,” Fisher said. “He’s very, very explosive and he’s got outstanding vision and change of direction. He’s hard to get down. He’s a complete back.

“I think you evaluate backs not only on what they do with the ball, but how they play without the ball. And he’s outstanding without the football – protection and understands where he needs to get to in routes and being part of the progression.”

Fisher also has another measuring stick for backs: Are they getting hit or are they getting tackled?

“When he does go down, he’s getting tackled, he’s not getting hit,” Fisher said. “That implies that he’s either, one, delivering the blow or, two, he’s got great vision.”

Lynch has started the 2012 season the same way he ended the 2011 season – productively. He has 305 rushing yards in the Seahawks’ 2-1 start, which leads the NFC and ranks fourth in the league. Since Week 9 of last season, Lynch has run for more yards (1,246) than any back in the league in his past 12 games.

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