Quarter notes: Third

In a nutshell: 20-7 Seahawks, as Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch spark an eight-play, 90-yard drive that is capped by Wilson’s 22-yard TD pass to tight end Anthony McCoy.

Player of the quarter: Lynch. He broke a 36-yarder on the TD drive and also had a 16-yarder on the first play of the half. His efforts softened up the Dallas defense for Wilson’s play-action passes.

Play of the quarter: Wilson’s 22-yard TD pass to a wide-open McCoy, which came from a three-TE set – all on the right side, with McCoy between Zach Miller (inside) and Evan Moore (outside).

Number of the quarter: 0. The number of third-down situations the Seahawks faced on their 90-yard TD drive.

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