Quarter notes: Fourth

In a nutshell: Seahawks 27-7. The capper on this day was a 12-play, 88-yard TD drive that consumed 7½ minutes to open the quarter and ended with Marshawn Lynch scoring on a 3-yard run.

Player of the quarter: Lynch. He scored the TD, and went over 100 rushing yards for the game.

Play of the quarter: It was just one play on the Seahawks’ 12-play TD drive, but it was memorable because 202-pound wide receiver Golden Tate took out 245-pound linebacker Sean Lee with a vicious block to spring Wilson for a 14-yard run on second-and-12.

Number of the quarter: 81. It’s Tate’s uniform number. In addition to the big knocked-his-block-off block, Tate also had an 8-yard catch on third-and-4 just before Lynch scored.

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