On this date: Game postponed after 9/11 attacks

A look at a memorable moment in Seahawks history that occurred on Sept. 16:

2001 – The Seahawks’ home game against the Eagles at Husky Stadium is postponed a week because of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Seahawks initially voted to play that week, but changed their decision after player rep Chad Brown took part in a conference call and heard from the player reps from the Giants, Jets and Redskins. “The majority of the player reps on the phone, speaking for their teams, said they didn’t want to play,” Brown said at the time. “Whether it be just the New York guys simply being able to practice and focus; guys having safety concerns, whether it be flying or at the stadium; or just simply not wanting to be away from their families at this time. It gave me a little more reality to it. How can those guys do it, when that’s all they see 24 hours a day?”

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