Quarter notes: Fourth

In a nutshell: A little of this. A little of that. But not much that was of any consequence, although the Chiefs did score a TD with 1:53 left to play. Seahawks 44-14.

Player of the quarter: To Eachus his own. Nate Eachus, the Chiefs rookie running back, carried for 13, 11, 6, 3, 17 and finally 7 yards for the score on the Chiefs’ way-too-little, way-too-late final drive that covered 97 yards in 12 plays against a combination of the Seahawks’ No. 2 and No. 3 defense.

Play of the quarter: Uh. Hmm. We’ll have to check the video and get back to you on this one.

Number of the quarter: A few hundred. The number of fans remaining at Arrowhead Stadium by the time this one was officially over.

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