King-sized love for Seahawks

If you’re a fan of the NFL, and of course you are, then Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” at is a must-read. He has been seemingly everywhere and seen seemingly everything since training camps opened in late July, and also has a ridiculously good handle on the things that have happened in the places he has yet to visit.

In today’s must-read edition, King gives the Seahawks some love – for present and past actions.

In his “The Award Section,” his coaches of the week are Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and QB coach Carl Smith. Why? As King writes, “For getting quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson ready to play in a new offense so quickly. Flynn and Wilson were a combined 23 of 29 Saturday night in the preseason-opening win over Tennessee.”

In his “Sunday: In summation …” section, there’s this on Wilson and first-round draft choice Bruce Irvin: “Read so much of people putting down Seattle’s draft as a monster reach, particularly pass rusher Bruce Irvin in the first round and quarterback Russell Wilson in the third. Funny, then, that we heard three or four GMs or personnel people on our trip say, ‘I loved Irvin,’’ or ‘I would have taken Wilson. Great pick.’ ”

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