The never-ending stories

If the Seahawks are preparing for their 37th season, why are there still stories on about members of the 35th Anniversary team?

Blame it on last year’s 136-day lockout.

After having readers vote to select the 35th Anniversary team, the plan was to write a story on each member of the prestigious squad last offseason. Then came the lockout, and team employees were not allowed to have contact with current players. So the stories on Matt Hasselbeck, Steve Hutchinson and Marcus Trufant were put on hold.

I actually called Trufant the day the lockout would kick in, but he was heading to a workout at a local gym and asked if I could call him back a couple of hours. Before I could do it, the lockout had begun.

Once the lockout ended, the pace of training camp was just too hectic to try and track them down – Hasselbeck in Tennessee; Hutchinson in Minnesota; and Trufant in, well, the locker room downstairs at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

So, the story on Hasselbeck currently is featured on the website, and also serves as a preview for Saturday night’s preseason opener against the Titans at CenturyLink Field. Hutchinson signed with the Titans in free agency in March. His story ran in late June, and you can read it here. Look for Trufant’s story next week.

Sorry for the delay, but hopefully you think the wait was with it.

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