Watch Tez disappear

CANTON, Ohio – For those who haven’t seen Cortez Kennedy since his days as an eight-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle for the Seahawks, you might not immediately recognize him tomorrow night when he gives his speech at the induction ceremony for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012.

Kennedy was listed 306 pounds while playing in Seattle from 1990-2000 – and most thought that was being generous. But today, he was down to 265 pounds during his interview session as part of his Hall of Fame weekend.

“When I played, I had so much weight down here,” Kennedy said, moving both hands around his waist in a motion that looked like the “Discount Double Check” gesture from those insurance company ads featuring Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Kennedy credits his weight loss with watching his diet. As for the redistribution of the weight he now carries, he said he’s been lifting weights to firm his upper body.

And it’s definitely noticeable. Just ask Willie Roaf, the former Pro Bowl tackle for the Saints who also is included in the Class of 2012 and, like Kennedy, is from Arkansas.

Asked who would get the better of the other if they squared off now, Roaf said, “I would. He’s too skinny right now.”

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