Man Cave? No. Mom Cave? You bet

A look inside Karyln Moyer’s Seahawks-themed “Mom Cave”

We’ve all heard the term “Man Cave” before. Most of us know the phrase to represent that specialized male sanctuary where men are free to do and decorate as they please, be alone for “man-time” or hang out with friends, entertain hobbies, and perhaps most importantly, we know it as a place they can do these types of things without fear of repercussions from their female counterparts.

But what about the term “Mom Cave?”

The term comes from Seahawks fan Karlyn Moyer, who we recently caught up with on the Seahawks 12th Man Tour visit to Alaska. Moyer was kind enough to share some photos with us of her “Mom Cave,” her very own Seahawks sanctum.

Originally from Milwaukie, Oregon and now residing in the great state of Alaska, Moyer’s “Mom Cave” started back in 1993.

“My spouse strongly suggested I collect [my Seahawks gear] all in one room,” she said. “He said it was everywhere. So I started my cave.”

Almost 20 years ago, Moyer’s collection of Seahawks memorabilia started with a single stuffed Teddy bear donning a Seahawks sweater bearing Moyer’s name and birth year.

Today, Moyer’s collection has grown to include furniture, clothing, flags, figurines, and more – and she has not purchased a single piece of it.

“I do not buy myself any new things for my collection,” Moyer said. “Everyone I know purchases them for me. Friends and family all ask, ‘Do you have this?’”

Moyer prides herself in wearing something Seahawks-related from her collection every single day, but she does have a couple pieces she holds dear to her heart – including a Seahawks charm bracelet that was given to her by her husband.

“My favorite piece is a framed picture of the stadium that was given to me by my daughter and son in law,” she said. “It gives me the feeling of actually being there.”

And although Moyer has only been to one Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field – a November 12, 2006 24-22 victory over the St. Louis Rams – she is ‘attending’ every week in front of her big screen T.V.

“[On game days] I’m up early and get into my chosen Seahawks gear,” she said. “I align myself in front of the television with an unobstructed view. Everyone knows to leave me alone. Don’t even call me during the game – I’m watching the game.”

Moyer started watching football with her parents and quickly became attracted to the game. But what attracted her to the Seahawks?

“I couldn’t root for their teams, the [Pittsburgh] Steelers and Oakland [Raiders] – too much black,” said Moyer. “Along came the Seahawks, a fresh new team. I was hooked.”

The football rivalries in Moyer’s family don’t start and end with her parents, either. The Steelers – a more recent rival of the Seahawks after the two teams squared off in Super Bowl XL, and the Raiders – a more traditional rival from the Seahawks’ days in the AFC West prior to 2002, are just the beginning.

“I have two wonderful kids,” said Moyer. “The oldest – Sharryll Muffler, 27, is a Tampa Bay fan. Her husband Daniel is a Denver Broncos fan. My other daughter Nanette, 25, is a Tennessee Titans fan. Her better half, Michael, is a [Green Bay] Packers fan.”

“Holidays can get interesting around the televised games.”

One can only imagine that at such times Moyer finds comfort in her “Mom Cave”.

Moyer’s many hats align the wall of her “Mom Cave”

Karlyn Moyer at her very first – and only – Seahawks game to date

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