Former Seahawks QB Jeff Kemp Remembers and Honors Grant Feasel

Former NFL QB Jeff Kemp, who played for the Seahawks from 1987-91, remembers and honors teammate Grant Feasel, the former Seahawks center who passed away over the weekend.

By Jeff Kemp

Grant Feasel was our center and my roommate on road trips for most of my years on the Seahawks in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I am so saddened at his loss and our prayers go out to all his family, especially Cyndy, Sean, Sarah and Spencer.

Grant was the quintessential sacrificial warrior. He wrapped himself up in the duty to clear the way for and protect his teammates. He took his job so seriously. Our families grew up together and Grant deeply loved his family. He had a great sense of humor but never during the heat of battle.

Grant was deeply conscientious and took his job incredibly seriously. As a holder for field goals, I would always ask him to snap hard-to-handle snaps to me after practice so I could prepare for the toughest situations, but Grant would never allow himself to snap anything but perfect snaps. Part of that was his desire to never allow coaches to see him at less than his dependable best.

I had dinner with Grant in Dallas about two years ago and we laughed uproariously at our joint misfortune of having had been a part of a classic NFL blooper which nearly gave Coach Chuck Knox a heart attack. One game against Denver in the noisy Kingdome, Grant and I crossed signals on when to snap the ball. The ball blasted me in the earhole of my helmet while I was looking at kicker Norm Johnson to see if he was ready. The ball bounced around the field and a pile of Broncos dove on me as I scrambled to cover the ball. Grant reminded me at that dinner that he could never forget Chuck Knox’s opening line of his next week’s talk to our team. Chuck told us that in his last days when he’d be confined to a nursing bed, connected to an “iron lung,” his last thoughts on this Earth would be, “Why in the heck did Grant Feasel snap that ball into Jeff Kemp’s head in our game against Denver?”

Grant Feasel was a consummate football player, a trustworthy teammate, and a good man… a man who loved his family.

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