Minicamp, then a maxi break

Suddenly, the offseason program that seemed like it would never begin for the Seahawks is almost over.

The players will take part in a three-day minicamp starting Tuesday, and the veterans are then off until late July when training camp begins. The rookies will have workouts next week, before the draft choices head to the NFL Rookie Symposium at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, the following week.

“I’m really excited about being able to play,” Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Browner said today. “But I’m looking forward to the break, too, because it’s the last one I get to really spend some time with my family before everything starts up again.

“But I’ll continue to stay in the shape that I gained over this little 2½-month period since we started offseason workouts.”

Because of the new CBA that ended last year’s offseason-erasing lockout, the offseason program has been condensed. The conditioning program that usually began in March was pushed back until mid-April. The OTA sessions that started in May two years ago and were spread over five weeks, took place over the past three weeks. The traditional full-squad minicamp just after the NFL Draft was replaced by a rookie minicamp.

But the Seahawks made the most of their on-field time, in large part because of the tempo of the practices and the attention to detail in the teaching environment.

“Most definitely,” Browner said. “I believe in what the (position) coaches are doing on down to the strength and conditioning coaches. So I’m looking forward to this minicamp, then taking the break and coming back and doing what we set out for.”

And that would be? “Getting to the playoffs,” he added with a slight smile. “We could be good, but we’ve got to put in the work.”

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