Remembering Faye Allen

Faye Allen, the mother of Seahawks owner Paul Allen, died Saturday of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. She was 90.

“She was a shining light for everyone that knew her,” her son said in a statement.

This final-chapter announcement should come with a “Read all about” tagline because of Faye Allen’s love of books and reading.

As Maureen O’Hagan put it in the obituary that ran in Sunday’s Seattle Times: “Talk to just about anyone who knew Faye Allen, and they’ll invariably mention books. She read them feverishly; she collected them by the thousands; she talked about them with anyone who would listen; and ultimately, she helped create an everlasting gift of books for the people of Seattle. ‘You wouldn’t find a person more dedicated to the power of books than Faye Allen, especially children’s books,’ said Terry Collings, former executive director of The Seattle Public Library Foundation. Mrs. Allen helped secure a $22.5 million gift to be used by the library system for years to come.”

From his Twitter account, Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) linked to this story on his Vulcan Inc. website which has several candid photos of him and his mother, as well as more information about Alzheimer’s disease.

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