Wednesday cyber surfing: Seahawks have their ‘Mo’

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, May 23:

Dave Boling at the News Tribune checks in with Maurice Kelly, the team’s director of player development: “Spring is busy for Maurice ‘Mo’ Kelly, as the newly fledged Seahawks rookies arrive and he begins the important duty of taking them under his wing. He’s titled director of player development, and is considered a liaison between the players and coaching staff and the franchise. There’s a great deal more to it, though, because he appears to operate the busiest office in the team headquarters – situated not on the corporate level or the staff level, but just around the corner from the locker room. Guidance counselor? ‘Yep,’ he answers. Father Confessor? ‘Yep.’ Mother? ‘Yep.’ Baby-sitter? ‘Yep.’ In a sense, he coaches life.”

In the Tuesday edition of his “Monday Morning Quarterback” at, Peter King looks at the Kellen Winslow trade from the Buccaneers’ side: “Greg Schiano is a control freak. And that’s the major explanation, at least in my mind, for why you trade a productive tight end like Kellen Winslow for something so paltry as a seventh-round draft choice, which the Bucs did Monday in dealing him to Seattle: The new coach doubted he was going to be able to control Winslow. … I give Winslow tremendous credit over the last three years in Tampa Bay. When he was dealt from Cleveland, I was convinced he’d end up missing big chunks of time because of his injury history. He didn’t. Winslow was a plus for the Bucs, and he played well. But I just think Schiano looked at everything – his contract, his occasional churlishness, and how he (Schiano) knew he’d be coaching this team – and decided he’d like the alternative of Clark over Winslow.”

Speaking of Winslow, Bob and Groz at 710 ESPN did just that with Roy Cummings, who covers the Bucs, and concluded: What’s not to like about the trade?  Cummings described Winslow as “a hard worker, competitive, accountable and someone who cares about winning and his legacy.”

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. sees Matt Flynn making the Seahawks contenders. It’s an Insiders feature at, so requires registration and a fee. But here’s part of what he has to say: “So, while Flynn may not be Aaron Rodgers, he doesn’t have to be. The Seahawks have a respectable running game to lean on and their defense is among the best in the league. Those elements alone should help them contend for the playoffs. And it’s a formula we’ve seen work before. … The bottom line is this: Flynn is an upgrade at QB over (Tarvaris) Jackson, and improving at quarterback is always a good thing. I still don’t see the Seahawks as true Super Bowl contenders in 2012, however they very well could be a playoff team behind Flynn.”

Here at, we look at the team’s first OTA practice through the eyes of veteran linebacker Leroy Hill: “This first OTA session also was important – and imperative – for the coaches, who finally got a look at how well the players have absorbed the teaching aspects of the game that were featured in Phase 2 of the offseason program. On defense, two of the team’s 10 draft choices stepped into the No. 1 unit – first-round draft choice Bruce Irvin at the “Leo” end spot and second-round pick Bobby Wagner at middle linebacker. Irvin’s immediate role is expected to as the pass-rushing end opposite Chris Clemons in the nickel, but with Clemons absent on Tuesday it gave Irvin some needed reps with the starters. It’s a similar situation for Wagner, who is expected to compete with free-agent addition Barrett Ruud for the starting spot that opened when leading tackler David Hawthorne signed with the New Orleans Saints in free agency. But Ruud remains sidelined while recovering from a surgical procedure. ‘We finished No. 9 (in the league) last year, and we definitely can climb a bunch of spots with what we’ve got coming back and what they’ve added,’ Hill said. ‘We’ve only lost one starter. It was a big starter in Hawthorne, but I think we can be even better this season.’ ”

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