Unlocking Wilson: 4-2-3-5

The latest print edition of Sporting News is all about the NFL Draft and includes an extensive article looking at the quarterbacks who were selected. Russ Lande, a former NFL scout turned SN draft expert, rated the passers in five categories and Russell Wilson made the Top 5 in four of them.

Quickest release: Wilson is at No. 4, behind Robert Griffin III, Ryan Lindley and Andrew Luck.

Most dangerous runner: Wilson is at No. 2, behind Griffin.

Toughest: Wilson is at No. 3, behind Brock Osweiler and Luck.

Most battle-tested: Wilson is at No. 5, behind Luck, Kirk Cousins, Brandon Weeden and Griffin.

Wilson was not listed among the Top 5 for strongest arm, where Ryan Tannehill was No. 1.

What’s interesting is that Wilson was the sixth QB selected – in the third round by the Seahawks (No. 75 overall). Luck (1), Griffin (2), Tannehill (8) and Weeden (22) were drafted in the first round and Osweiler (57) in the second round.

Luck and Griffin were ranked in each category, while Weeden and Wilson were the only QBs ranked in four of the five.

Using a 5-4-3-2-1 point system to match the rankings, we’ve come up with our own Top 5 overall. Luck comes out on top with 17, Griffin is next at 16 and Wilson is third with 10 points – one more than Osweiler and two more than Tannehill.

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