Reflections on a past draft

When Pete Carroll came out of the University of Pacific as an all-conference free safety in 1973, the NFL Draft was a 17-round, all-in-one-day affair and neither ESPN nor the NFL Network was around to televise it.

So how was a hopeful in Stockton, Calif., to find out if he had indeed been among the 442 players who were drafted?

“I drove over to San Francisco – over to Lombard Street, where the news shops were – to get the paper where they have the list of everybody (who was drafted),” Carroll said Sunday after the Seahawks had completed their three-day rookie minicamp.

The Seahawks coach had prefaced this recollection by calling it “one quick, little sad story.”

“I’m sitting there in the half-dark, under the lamplight off the side street,” Carroll continued, growing more animated – and agitated – with each word. “Just every round, one-by-one, all the way down to the dang end.

“Nothing, man. I was so bummed.”

But his half-dark experience made the sun-drenched weekend even more enjoyable for the players who got to practice on the shores of Lake Washington.

“I’m so glad these guys get this chance here to have this opportunity,” Carroll said.

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