Golden’s great Canadian adventure

Like a lot of athletes from the United States, when Golden Tate thinks about Canada one thing comes to mind.

“I know when I think of Canada, the first thing I think about is hockey,” the Seahawks’ third-year wide receiver said today.

But Wednesday, Tate found out there’s more to our neighbor to the North. When he participated in the NFL Canada Take a Player to School program, Tate discovered the day was all about football and him.

“They know their sports up there, and we have some Seahawks fans up there,” Tate said. “So it was great.”

Keanen Tregaskis, a 9-year-old student at Cougar Canyon Elementary in Delta, B.C., was the winner of the competition to host Tate. So the day began with Tate stopping by Tregaskis’ house to pick him up for school a limousine.

“Keanen was very, very appreciate and happy, and a very humble kid,” Tate said. “So I was happy to be a part of it.”

When they arrived at the school, close to 100 students were there to greet them. Inside the school’s gym, where the 600-student assembly was held, three large painted murals of Tate hung from the ceiling.

“I felt very, very welcome – from the moment we got out of the limo,” Tate said. “They actually had posters, where they painted my full face and painted me in action shots. So I felt very welcome.”

Tate also led the students through a Play 60 session and signed autographs.

“We focused on bullying is not OK, and 60 minutes of exercise a day – at least – is very important,” Tate said. “It was fun. I really, really enjoyed it. And I hope I can do it again.”

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