That’s a wrap for Week 1 of Phase 1

The Seahawks wrapped up the first week of their offseason program today, and saying that strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle was happy with the players’ efforts tells only part of the story.

“I am very, very, very happy with the way things are going, the way they came in with the desire to work,” Carlisle said. “That’s evident. Our leadership is in place, with the players who are leading the effort, and the younger guys are learning from those older guys on how we do things here.”

Which is up-tempo. It’s how coach Pete Carroll practices. It’s how Carlisle and his staff – Jamie Yanchar and Mondray Gee – are conducting the weight-training and other conditioning drills that comprise the Phase 1 workouts.

“If you talk to some of the new guys, the biggest thing they mention is that the tempo is much different than they’re used to,” Carlisle said. “The tempo we run here is much quicker, and the reason why is our practice tempo is much quicker than most programs.”

Phase 1 of the revamped offseason program continues – and concludes – next week with workouts scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Phase 2, when the players can be on the field with the coaches, kicks off April 30.

A primary purpose of Phase 1 is to make sure the players are ready to make a seamless transition to the next phase, and the next phase and so on as the delayed and condensed offseason progresses.

“In order to get us ready to play at the highest level, we’ve got to prepare at the highest level,” Carlisle said. “You prepare at the highest level, to practice at the highest level, so you can play at the highest level. That’s something Pete told me back when we first got together in 2001 (at USC).”

It’s a method that Carlisle is preaching to the players – in words and actions. It’s a message that is being received.

“This first week has gone pretty well,” cornerback Roy Lewis said. “Coming in under the new rules of the new CBA, the program is conducive to trying to be successful early – as early as possible. The players do appreciate the time constraints, because we get out and still have time in our day, but we do get our work in.

“That’s the beauty of it.”

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