One more mock

How fluid is the situation with mock drafts? Shortly after “More Mock Around the Clock” had been posted here yesterday, Mel Kiper came out with a three-round look at each team’s draft.

Kiper’s latest mock at is an Insider feature, so it requires registration and fee to view the entire article. But here’s who he is giving the Seahawks, and why:

Round 1: DE Quinton Coples

Round 2: LB Ronnell Lewis

Round 3: WR Keshawn Martin

Analysis: Coples has dropped a bit in the last month, as I sense a lot of personnel folks aren’t of the belief that he has a really high ceiling. But at No. 12, you’re still talking about getting the guy who most saw as the most complete 4-3 defensive end prospect in this draft class for the better part of two years. Coples can play. Lewis is a pretty dynamic physical talent who struggled a bit when Oklahoma asked him to play linebacker. However, Pete Carroll can work magic with these types. As a “Leo” LB, he can use his good size and athleticism in the same way Carroll has used Chris Clemons. Lewis can be a pass-rusher for the Seahawks. This defense is turning into something with these pieces. Martin is a quick receiver who could work all over. He’s not a deep threat, but he turns tight spaces and press coverage into wide-open passing lanes because he’s really proficient at creating space with quickness and smarts. Keep an eye on him.”

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