O’Neil: Matt Flynn’s career blueprint – Confidence and tenacity

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times recently took a look at the career path of the newest Seahawks’ quarterback: Matt Flynn.

“Matt Flynn was too good to spend his career as a backup quarterback.

That’s what the coach thought anyway.

Now, this was way before the Seahawks decided to give Flynn a crack at their quarterback’s job. This was before Flynn was recruited to Louisiana State by Nick Saban and spent four years waiting for his turn to start for the Tigers.

This story begins about 11 years ago down in Tyler, Texas, which is situated about halfway between Dallas and the Louisiana border. Flynn was a skinny little high-school sophomore who might have weighed 165 pounds, and certainly not more than that. He was a promising athlete in a part of the country where high-school football has been compared to religion — which is heretical, of course. At least it is to those who would say the sport is more important than that.”

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