Cruise with the Seahawks: Day 4

Day 4

Today we arrived in sunny Puerto Vallarta. On the event list – ATVs! At first glance, our rental seemed a bit beat up, but speed is the only thing that really matters, and that they had! There were nine total in our group. Unfortunately, for one guest, a machine broke down, so we had a few minutes to catch our breath while we waited for the mechanic to arrive and fix her up.. and we were back at it again. We were able to go full throttle and do some serious four-wheeling in the sand. It was super fun and we had a blast – however, we were also exposed to the extreme poverty in Mexico. Our players told me afterwards, that they were sincerely humbled by what they saw. That with even so little, people actually seemed quite happy, waving and smiling at us as we passed by. It definitely made us all really appreciate what we have.

Tomorrow we will continue our stay in Puerto Vallarta and we have decided to take a beach day and just check out the sites! Until tomorrow!

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