Cruise with the Seahawks: Day 2

Day 2

PACIFIC OCEAN – Today is our first of two days at sea.  We had our Welcome Party/Meet & Greet with the players and all the fans – this is an opportunity for the fans to get to know the players off the field!  Richard Sherman and John Moffitt shared some personal history, where they grew up, their families, friends, and even some of the struggles and challenges they overcame to get to the National Football League.

John shared stories about his childhood in Boston, how he began playing football, his time at the University of Wisconsin, and most importantly, how he met his best friend and guest on the cruise, Mark Shorey.

Richard Sherman shared about his upbringing in the Watts area of Los Angeles, with his brother and guest on the cruise, Branton Sherman.  He talked about what drove him to excel academically and ultimately got him a scholarship to play football for Stanford University, and what drives him today to play the way he does.

Their stories were funny and heartwarming, as they opened themselves up to our fans.  This has always been a great session for folks to really connect with the guys they cheer for each, and every Sunday. Both of our players are young,  engaging, personable, and very focused to be the best.  We are so fortunate to have them on this cruise and as members of our Seahawks family.

Until tomorrow!

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