Wednesday cyber surfing: On Manning, and Lynch

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, March 7:

The big news around the league, of course, is where Peyton Manning might land now that the Colts have decided to part ways with their iconic QB. Mike Sando at offers his thoughts for the teams in the NFC West, including the Seahawks: “The team has a strong base of talent on defense. The running game finished strong last season, with Marshawn Lynch leading the league over the final nine weeks. Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Doug Baldwin would give Manning weapons in the passing game. Miller was underutilized in the passing game last season. The team needed him in pass protection at times. Also, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson played hurt and held the ball too long. Manning would make fuller use of Miller and the other weapons. Seattle can also offer a talented left tackle if Russell Okung has better luck on the injury front. Seattle also has easily the most appealing facilities in the division. Like Arizona, Seattle can offer a low-key media atmosphere where Manning can focus on football, same as he did in Indy. Manning’s neck injuries remain a concern, but Seattle can offer something on that front as well. Team physician Stan Herring serves on the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee.”

Danny O’Neil at the Seattle Times also ponders where Manning might land, and offers this on the Seahawks: “It’s hard to come up with a reason why Seattle wouldn’t be interested. The Seahawks’ proliferation of close losses last season showed just how close they might be to contending, and they don’t have a long-term investment currently in place at quarterback. Also, it’s not like signing Manning would preclude the possibility of developing a younger quarterback behind him. The bigger question is whether Manning would want to come and play in the NFL’s most isolated outpost in a stadium that’s outdoors in a city known for precipitation.”

John Boyle at the Everett Herald asks the obvious regarding Manning, and also lets you vote on whether the Seahawks should pursue him: “Now the question for Seahawks – and every other team with a quarterback need, for that matter – is whether Manning is worth pursuing. Manning turns 36 later this month, and missed the entire 2011 season following a series of neck surgeries.”

Dave Boling at the News Tribune says the re-signing of Marshawn Lynch sends a message to the Seahawks’ other players, as well as their fans and even opponents: “No Richter activity was reported for the Puget Sound region Sunday evening, but an announcement from the Seattle Seahawks put the seismic monitors on alert for the next four years. Getting Marshawn Lynch signed to a four-year deal was a ground-shaking investment for a team that has so energetically urged its players and fans to buy in. For a reported $31 million ($18 million guaranteed), the Seahawks locked up one of the game’s most exciting backs through what can be expected to be the prime of his career. This tells Seattle fans: Yes, we hear you. We’re keeping this guy. He’ll keep you on your feet. This tells Seahawks players: You sell out completely, the way we ask, you’ll get paid. This tells rivals in the NFC West: Buckle up.”
Speaking of Lynch, the Seahawks’ leading rusher bought himself a new Seahawks “grill” and you have to see this video to truly appreciate it.

Here at, nose tackle Brandon Mebane looks beyond the re-signing of Lynch to a couple of other potential free agents he’d like to see retained: “As Mebane sat in his cubicle in the locker room discussing the team re-signing leading rusher Marshawn Lynch this week, he couldn’t overlook the obvious. To Mebane’s left was the cubicle belonging to Red Bryant, Mebane’s best friend on the team and a player who blossomed into a run-stuffing, kick-blocking force in his first full season as a starter. To Mebane’s right was the cubicle of David Hawthorne, the middle linebacker who has led the team in tackles the past three seasons. ‘I’m happy they were able to get Marshawn re-signed,’ Mebane said. ‘But they’ve still got some things they’ve got to take care of.’ ”

The boys at have a new round of mock drafts, and they have the Seahawks picking … Boston College middle linebacker Luke Keuchly, Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd (twice), Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill (twice) and Stanford guard David DeCastro. Rob Rang is one of those going with Floyd, and here’s why: “Many expect the Seahawks to consider a quarterback to compete with incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson with this selection but in beating the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens last year and matching up well with division champion San Francisco, the club may not be willing to reach to fill a perceived need. Don’t be surprised if Seattle instead turns their attention to other areas of concern like receiver or defensive line. With Sidney Rice’s durability a concern, Seattle might be hard-pressed to let Floyd slip by, especially after he erased any concerns about his speed with a 4.47 showing at 6-3, 220 pounds.”

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